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Protection of rights

Various laws protect the content included in this site. Any reproduction, publication, distribution, or public execution of the content included in the site, in part or in whole, is strictly forbidden except with a written authorization of our company. Any unauthorised use of the aforementioned content may expose the offender to civil responsibility proceedings and/or criminal charges.


ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS is committed to protect your privacy. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS is informing you of its security measures, its policy on the nature of customer information collected when you order products via the Site, the reasons for which this information is collected, and the use that is made of this information.


ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS has implemented security measures in order to protect you against loss or unauthorised use of customer information that is in ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS possession, notably information concerning your credit card. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS servers use the latest information-transmission technology (Secure Socket Layers, or SSL), which render its transmission highly secure. In addition, ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS servers are protected by firewall technology. However, no security mechanism is perfect and you must be aware that your are always at some level of risk that personal information transmitted to us may be disclosed without any fault on the part of ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS and without your consent. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS declines all responsibility regarding forwarded confidential information. Note that, for your security, no information on credit cards is kept on the servers ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS uses.

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Sales terms and conditions

ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS operates the ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS web site. The terms and conditions that appear below constitute a contract between you and ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS, and govern the use of the Site. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS may modify these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS may modify all prices on the web site at any time, without prior notice.


By using the Site, you acknowledge having read and understood these conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these sales terms and conditions, you may not use the Site, nor may you book products through the Site.

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Limitation of liability

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Acts of God

ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS shall not be held liable for non-performance, in whole or in part, of any of its obligations whatsoever toward you, nor for damages or losses you may suffer, if such non-performance, damages or losses result from an Act of God or from circumstances beyond its control.


To access the ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS Web site, you must first have an account (please contact the ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS team to open an new account). You have to keep the username and password that ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS gave you in a safe place, as you will be the only person held liable if they are used fraudulently. Do not allow anyone else to use your account, and do not tell anyone your password. The information you provide to us must be true and accurate.

About payments:



Your package will not be considered a confirmed reservation until a deposit and/or final payment has been received. Bookings will be automatically cancelled if full payment is not received 30 days prior to the trip departure, unless billing terms have been approved. Should you wish to arrange for billing, a floating or roll-over deposit or letter of credit will be required. An agreement can be arranged between the agency and ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS.


No deposit is needed except in case the supplier requires a deposit from ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS to secure the space. In such case, the deposit equal to the amount required by the supplier must be received within 14 days of the booking being received. If the deposit is not received within 14 days, the space will be released. Full payment is due 30 days prior to the first travel arrangements.


Full payment is required no later than 30 days* prior to the trip departure unless prior arrangements for billing have been made.

Payments can be made by cheque, credit card, bank draft or direct bank deposit as outlined below. All payments must be in Canadian Funds. (For the packages in USA, we might send you the price in Canadian dollars at the exchange rate applicable at the moment of the reservation).


Paying by cheque:

Cheques must be drawn on a Canadian bank, made out to Altaï Canada Tours and must indicate the reservations number and client's name. Also acceptable are Canadian bank drafts.

Paying by credit card:

ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS accepts payment via credit card, however for any payments of 500$ cad and over, you will be charged an extra 3,99% to cover the credit card processing fee. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS can accept payments with Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Bank draft:

A bank draft can be accepted, as long as it is drawn on a Canadian bank. A copy of the bank draft must be faxed to Globe-Trotter Tours Canada on the date it is issued, indicating the amount of payment being made, the reservations number and client's name. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS will pay for bank charges incurred by Canadian banks only. You are responsible for any other transfer or transit fees related to sending payments.

Direct wire transfer:

A direct wire transfer must be sent to our Canadian bank, as outlined under Payment Procedures. A copy of the wire transfer as well as the related details of your payment must be faxed to Globe-Trotter Tours Canada (514-634-5011) on the date the wire is issued. The details of your payment should include the amount of payment being made, the reservation number and client's name. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS will pay for bank charges incurred by Canadian banks only. You are responsible for any other transfer or transit fees related to sending payments.

Please forward payment to Globe-Trotter Tours Canada:

Mail your check and bank draft to :

Direct wire transfer to :

Altaï Canada Tours

7735 Boul St-Laurent,

Montréal, QC H2R 1X1


* Due to the unique nature of some of the programs in this tariff, specific suppliers may deviate from our standard deposit and payment policies and may require additional deposits or full payment at time of booking.


There will be no charge for any changes to travel arrangements made more than 31 days prior to departure, unless a fee is charged by the supplier. If you decide to change the departure date, hotel or other component within 30 days, the following charges will apply: for changes made within 30 days of travel, a 20$ cad change fee for each change made, plus any fees charged by the suppliers will be charged to your company. If one or more passenger(s) cancels and in doing so, changes the accommodation type and rate of the remaining passengers, those remaining passengers must pay applicable cost of accommodation to be occupied. The passenger(s) cancelled must pay the applicable cancellation charges.


If the clients wish to make a change to their itinerary after they have arrived in Canada, they must make the change directly with ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS by calling our Customer Assistance number during office hours at 514-634-5000 or toll free at 1-888-598-7688.

Should an emergency arise after hours, clients may dial 1-514-710-8768. A change fee of 30$ cad per change will be charged directly to the client on their credit card. In cases where the supplier will not reimburse ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS for the change, the client will have to pay 100% for the new service. There will be no refund for any unused portion of the package. As well, no reimbursement, partly or completely o0f any services, will be made as soon at the guest will use the first items of their booking.


In the event that you or your client must cancel a booking or a part of it, the following cancellation charges will apply, depending on when written notice is received by ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS (see table below). You must receive a written confirmation that we accept the cancellation, otherwise you may be held responsible for the complete payment of the original invoice.

Some suppliers have deposit and cancellation policies that deviate from our standard policy. In order to ensure that you are aware of any special terms, it is your responsibility to inform ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS which programs you will be featuring. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS will then provide you with any special terms imposed by the supplier.

Cancellation fees for the following sections: "Winter", "Fly & Drives", "Adventures and Safaris", "Nature and City Stays", "à la Carte Excursions", "Rail and Cruise Vacations", "Transportation (car rental)" or any à la carte packages:

Notice received

Cancellation fees*

More than 30 days prior to arrival

No Charge

30 - 15 days prior to arrival

25% of total cost and non-refundable, supplier charges + taxes

14 - 8 days prior to arrival

50% of total cost and non-refundable, supplier charges + taxes

Less than 8 days prior to arrival

100% of total cost

* Unless otherwise noted


No refunds will be made on unused tours, transfers or accommodations when voluntarily cancelled or omitted by the guest, or for missed package features due to airline or other third-party-transportation providers' delays or for other acts beyond our control. Should one person cancel or leave the tour and a roommate remains, the remaining person will be charged the tour rate for the applicable single or twin accommodations. This will involve any additional collection from the remaining person(s). If after returning from the tour you wish to inquire about any tour services provided, please ensure that ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS receives all correspondence relating to those services, within 30 days after the tour completion date. This will enable us to make a timely investigation.



Some of ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS suppliers may require a minimum number of passengers to operate; therefore a package may be withdrawn due to lack of participation. We will endeavour to provide you with a notice of this cancellation no later than 30 days prior to the trip's departure. In the event of a trip cancellation, ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS will provide you with alternative dates available or suggest a comparable alternative or provide a full refund. A full refund of moneys shall constitute full settlement between Globe-Trotter Tours Canada, you and your client.


There are no refunds for unused portion of the packages.


ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS reserves the right to cancel, modify or alter, all or any part of the travel services when necessary or advisable. In the event of such change, ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS shall endeavour to substitute comparable services or provide a full refund. For lodging only, ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS take the right to substitute the accommodation by something of same quality or superior and this without notice. A full refund of money shall constitute full settlement between Globe-Trotter Tours Canada, you and your client.


In the unlikely event that your clients experience problems during their vacation and have not contacted us during their stay; please forward a written account of their concerns to ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS within 30 days of completion of the service(s) in question. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS cannot assist in resolving claims involving supplier(s) that are received after 30 days. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS will make best efforts to deal with the supplier(s) in question and endeavour to receive a fair settlement for your clients from the supplier(s).


Living standards and conditions, as well as standards relating to the provision of utilities, sanitary services and grading of accommodation during travel may be different from your client's home. Your clients may also find that climate conditions at various destinations can affect the full enjoyment of facilities and activities and the provision of services at the accommodation facility or on packages they have purchased.


All passengers must travel with a valid passport and visa and health certificates where required. Persons under 18 travelling with one parent require a notarized letter signed by the other parent providing permission to travel. If the passenger(s) does not possess the documentation required for a chosen destination, the airline carriers reserve the right to refuse boarding privileges. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS will not assume responsibility for passenger(s) failure to bring appropriate documentation.


ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS acts as an agent and makes arrangements with airlines, hotels, railroads, car rental, bus lines, cruise lines, adventure companies as described in this tariff and other independent parties to provide your client with the travel services and accommodations. Although great care is taken in choosing suppliers, we are unable to directly control them and therefore cannot be held responsible or liable for their acts or omissions. The travel services are subject to the conditions imposed by these suppliers and their liability may be limited by their tariffs.


ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS cannot assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of injury, accident or death, damage, loss or delay of baggage or other property, or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from:

I. Mechanical breakdowns, dangers inherent to the sea, fire, theft, civil disturbances, strikes, government actions, weather, flooding, earthquakes, and other factors and causes beyond our control.

II. Passenger's failure to obtain required documentation, including passports, visas and health certificates, where required, in which case no refunds will be issued.

III. Passenger's failure to follow the instructions of ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS or its representatives.

IV. Missed flight connections to ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS trip departure point, or connecting flight on return.

V. Any other cause beyond the control of ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS

Please read your clients' documents carefully in order to acquaint you and your clients with conditions imposed by suppliers, limitations or liability imposed by the tradebook and conditions of carriage. ALTAÏ CANADA TOURS suppliers' flights are governed by the Air Carriers Regulations of the Air Transport Commission.


Due to the unique nature of many of these programs, your clients may be required to sign a liability waiver and to fill a medical form prior to departure.


Free checked baggage allowance is normally limited to two suitcases per customer, excluding infants, for travel to, from and within North America. Certain packages utilizing charter aircraft, floatplanes or helicopters may have further restrictions on baggage allowances and some activity suppliers will have luggage restrictions. Please contact us for more detail about this subject.



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